In the next videos, Helko E. van den Brom from the VSL Dutch Metrology Institute in Delft will explain his contribution to the European MyRailS project.
Since 2000, he is working on the development of Josephson and SET based electrical quantum standards. At present, his current research interests are in power quality, conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI), high-current transducers, sampling systems, and AC Josephson voltage standards.

#01: In this video, Helko van den Brom will explain why VSL Dutch Metrology Institute is working for the MyRailS project specifically on direct current (DC) applications.

#02: Helko van den Brom tells us why cooperation with industrial partners such as Trenitalia, RFI, Hitachi Rail, and Metro de Madrid is essential for the MyRailS project.

#03: Helko van den Brom explains why the new calibration systems they are working on are so important.

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