Domenico Giordano, coordinator of #MyRailS, standing for Metrology for Energy Management in Railway Systems, introduces this important research project and all the details about it.

#01: The aim of the research project #MyRails, is to develop and make available a measurement infrastructure to railway industry, in order to improve the efficiency of European railway and subway systems. Let’s find out how.

#02: #MyRailS involves National Metrology Institutes from several European countries together with scientific and industrial partners, who provide valuable contributions and specific international railway skills. Here they are in details.

#03: The main results we are expecting from #MyRailS project are new measurement systems. The National Metrology Institutes will make these systems available to companies that develop on-board energy meters for high-speed and regional trains and for subway trains.

#04: In #MyRailS project, the cooperation between partners is very important: together with the University of Campania, #Inrim is developing systems that will be installed on a locomotive for measuring the energy dissipated by braking rheostats and is going to investigate data coming from on-site measurements.

#05: In an international research project such as #MyRailS, the coordinator plays a key role. He oversees all the activities, ensuring that they are carried out in due time, facilitates the communication between the partners, and guarantees the dissemination of the project results.

#06: #MyRailS started in September 2017 in Turin and after a few intermediate stages, including some international events, it will end in summer 2020 with the last step in the same city where it started.

#07: Stakeholders are fundamental for #MyRailS to look at is the impact issue, the dissemination of results, as well as the exploitation of the results that we will obtain thanks to the project.

#08: We do not neglect anything in #MyrailS research project. We do not just measure, we also want to know how reliable our measurements are by associating the informations collected with accurate evaluations.

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