Davide Signorino, Master Degree in electronic engineering with a specialization in Power Electronics from the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, will explain in the next videos the types of measurements performed, the principles selected to monitor measurements, how the energy measurement data will be collected from the train and the next projects on schedule.

#01: Davide Signorino talks about the measurements performed during the test and the software developed to monitor the locomotive E464-041. He also explains how they detected the energy dissipated by the rheostats. #MyRailS

#02: Torino-Bardonecchia is the railway line chosen to study the train braking phase. Davide Signorino explains why this line was selected. #MyRailS#Inrim

#03: The locomotive E464-041 studied during the test has electric motors. In this video, Davide Signorino gives us details about the braking rheostats and how they work. #MyRailS

#04: Davide Signorino explains how data are collected and stored during the test on-board train. #MyRailS

#05: Davide Signorino describes the next steps and the future commitments of MyRailS project. #MyRailS

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