In the next videos, Daniele Gallo, professor of Electrical and Electronic Measurements at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, will talk about an experiment made in Piedmont. This experiment has involved a locomotive, the E464-041, equipped with a special measurement systems.

#01: Daniele Gallo explains the reasons why the Torino-Bardonecchia railway in Piedmont, Italy, was chosen to measure the energy dissipated by trains for #MyRailS project

#02: What does the measuring system installed on the locomotive do to improve the energy efficiency? #MyRailS

#03: Daniele Gallo lists the difficulties experienced during installation of the measurement system on the locomotive. #MyRailS

#04: Here are the first interesting results obtained by on-board measurements in the frame of this energy saving project #MyRailS

#05: The first results we obtained with #MyRailS project confirm that energy saving opportunities are much larger than we could assume 

#06: Daniele Gallo explains how we could exploit the braking energy generated by trains #MyRailS

#07: Stakeholders are fundamental for #MyRailS to look at is the impact issue, the dissemination of results, as well as the exploitation of the results that we will obtain thanks to the project.

#08: We do not neglect anything in #MyrailS research project. We do not just measure, we also want to know how reliable our measurements are by associating the informations collected with accurate evaluations.

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